Yorkshire Hedgehogs

I have found a hedgehog... what do I do? Who can I phone?

For a list of rescues, scroll down.

If you find a hedgehog out in daytime or a sick or injured one at any time of day or night this is what to do:

  1. Pick it up straight away using a piece of clothing which can be washed later, or gloves.
  2. Put it in a high sided box.
  3. Put it somewhere warm, especially if the weather is cold. This means next to a radiator or with a heat pad it can get off if it wants to. If you don't have a heat pad, fill a water drinks bottle with hot water and cover the bottle with a towel.
  4. Offer the hedgehog water, and some meat flavoured cat or dog food if you are keeping it overnight (not dog biscuits). Do not give cow's milk.

Hoglets: Do not be tempted to try to raise hoglets yourself. Do not give them cat food unless they have teeth.

Hedgehogs and especially Hoglets need keeping warm and getting to a rescue or vet as fast as possible. Speed can save lives.

Any hedgehog found out in daylight at any time of year whatever its size usually needs immediate help, so please phone or message your nearest rescue (list below) or a vet if you can't get a reply from a rescue. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE IT UNTIL THE NEXT DAY (unless it is very late at night), and even then, if the hedgehog is injured or very sick, please seek help from an emergency vet. A video or Whatsapp can help a rescue decide if it needs to come in straight away.

Emergency vets

In Leeds, there are two OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCY VETS FOR INJURED HEDGEHOGS BETWEEN 8PM AND 8AM and two vets with extended hours:


  1. Abbey House Veterinary Hospital
    ** 24 Hours - South Leeds - Abbey House Veterinary Hospital, Morley
    Phone 0113 2525818
  2. Holly House Veterinary Hospital
    ** 24 Hours - North Leeds - Holly House Veterinary Hospital, Moortown
    Phone 0113 2369030
  3. Chantry Vets
    ** Extended hours inc Sat/Sun - South Leeds - Chantry Vets in Alverthorpe
    Phone 01924 362464
  4. Beechwood Vets
    ** Extended hours inc Sat/Sun - East Leeds - Beechwood Vets in Crossgates
    Phone 0113 2645422
  5. Bradford

  6. Airedale Vets
    ** Extended hours - Keighley - Airedale Vets
    Phone 01274 978289
  7. South Yorks

  8. Barnsley Vets4Pets
    ** 24 hour vet in Barnsley Vets4Pets 161 Wilthorpe Road, Barnsley, S75 1JQ
    Phone 01226 289000
  9. York

  10. York Minster vets
    ** 24 hours York Minster vets Salisbury road
    Phone 01904 643997
  11. East York

  12. Wicstun Veterinary Group
    ** 24 hours Market Weighton Branch 46 Southgate, Market Weighton, YO43 3BQ
    Phone 01430 873219

Autumn Juveniles

If you find a small hedgehog at night from November to March weighing less than 550g (which will fit on one hand if you pick it up), it will be too small to survive the winter without help. Please pick it up with gloves or a towel and if the hedgehog is unhurt, please put it in a box with some cat/dog food and water and ripped up newspaper to hide in, keep the box in a warm room and phone one of the rescues either immediately or (if you find it at night and it appears bright and alert) the next morning.

Rescues in Yorkshire area - Place markers for guidance and do not show actual location of rescue.

Some of these have public phone numbers and some are contactable only via their facebook page. All of these rescues are voluntary and nobody gets paid. Most are very small and can only take two or three hedgehogs at a time.

We cannot guarantee a space for your sick hog. If the rescues cannot take your hedgehog, you must take it to a Vet or the RSPCA.

  1. Castleford Hedgehog Rescue
    Castleford - 24hr Rescue
    FB message only.
  2. HERBY
    Eldwick Bingley DB16
    Phone 0778 731 4590
  3. Holderness Hedgehog Hospital
    Milsdown Kennels and Cattery, Burton Pidsea, Hull HU12 9AA
    Phone 07563 917914
  4. Lucky Hedgehog Rescue
    Grimston HU11 4QE - 24 Hour Rescue
    E-mail Lucky Hedgehog Rescue
    Phone 01964 529313 and 07590 756833
    Facebook and website
  5. Prickly Edge
    Phone 07396 219824
  6. Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary
    Broomfields farm Whitby YO22 4NW - Takes all wildlife
    Phone 07342 173724
  7. Halifax Hedgehogs
    Phone 07974 309993
  8. Happy Hedgehogs
    Phone 07506 186567
  9. Oggles - Dewsbury
    Phone 07954 138853
  10. Pricklington Palace
    Phone 07756 657992
  11. Swan and Wildlife Rescue Hospital
    Barlow nr Selby - Now takes hedgehogs as well as birds and other wildlife.
    Phone 07763 424892
  12. The Hedgehoggery
    FB message only.
  13. Watermeadows Hedgehog Rescue
    Phone 07449 921824
  14. Barmby Hedgehog Rescue
    York - Barmby
    FB message only.
  15. East Yorkshire Wildlife Rehab
    Covering York to Bridlington - Takes all wildlife
    FB message only.
  16. For the Love of Hedgehogs
    Phone 07733 055678
  17. Hart's Hedgehog Rescue
    Barnsley South Yorks
    Phone 07885 781800
  18. Hedgehog Meadows
    Cridling Stubbs nr Darrington
    Phone 07510 977382
  19. Hedgehogs at Holme
    Holme on Spalding Moor
    FB message only.
  20. Hoggies Respite
    Phone 07568 464846
    Facebook and HoggiesRespite
  21. Keyingham - Ren's Rescue
    General animal rescue - Hull
    Phone 07393 822566
    Facebook and RensRescue
  22. Little Silver Hedgehog
    FB message only.
  23. Micklefield Hedgehog Rescue
    Nr Garforth, Leeds - Small, part time rescue. Closes 7:30pm daily.
    Phone 07784 938988
  24. Pickering Hedgehog Rescue
    FB message only.
    Facebook and PickeringHedgehogRescue
  25. Urchins Hedgehog Care
    York - small rescue operates one in, one out policy
    FB message only.
  26. Willow Hedgehog Rescue
    Thorpe Willoughby
    Phone 07521 150329
  27. Hedgehog Cottage Rescue
    nr Pocklington/York
    FB message only.
  28. Chapel Allerton Hedgehog Rescue
    Leeds - Small Rescue
    FB message only.
  29. Kim's Animal Rescue
    Bingley and Crossflatts - Very Small Rescue
    FB message only.
  30. RSPCA - York
    York branch Landing Ln, York YO26 4RH - noted as good with hedgehogs
    Phone 01904 654949
  31. Market Weighton Hedgehogs
    First Aid Only
    Market Weighton
    Phone 07565 135186
  32. Pontefract - HedgeHugs Care and Release
    Currently closed.
  33. Bridlington - RSPCA
    Branch has dedicated hedgehog rescuer
    07712 478436
  34. Easingwold - Scatterpenny Hedgehog Rescue
    Part time rescue
    07895 962659
  35. 7th Heaven Hedgehog Rescue
    Retford, Nottinghamshire
    Open 24 hours
    07842 066318 and 01777 701794
  36. Prickly Pigs Hedgehog Rescue
    Open 9am to 9pm
    Only postcodes LS20 and LS21
    07434 626832
  37. Hog House Rescue - Cookridge
    Open until midnight
    Taking in from North Leeds
    07528 230031
  38. Bradbury Bird and Wildlife Rehabilitation
    Primarily birds but can take some hedgehogs
    01482 880830
    01778 6349619, 07879 177335
  39. Wath Hedgehog Rescue and Rehabilitation
    Wath upon Dearne
    FB message only.
  40. The Hog Hostel - Doncaster
    Part time rescue
    Will take from postcodes DN1 to DN12
    07561 066723
  41. Stillingfleet Hedgehog Rescue - Selby
    Maximum of 2 hedgehogs at a time
    Will take in from areas Stillingfleet, Escrick, Naburn, Riccall, Cawood, Kelfield
    Phone for fastest response 07935 799058

You can also phone the British Hedgehog Preservation Society on 01584 890 801. Out of office hours they have an answerphone which gives you the phone numbers of carers who will answer your call round the clock and give advice and be able to put you in contact with hedgehog rehabilitators in your area.

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